If and when you require services –even if it is the complete outsourcing of IT maintenance –our vast network of highly-capable Tally Services and Integrator personnel are easily accessible.

The services include:

• ERP Implementation Services
• Training Services on product usage
• Deployment Services across locations
• Software Assurance Services –getting regular updates and upgrades
• Data Migration Services –from other products
• Business Advisory Services –from a CA
• Integration Services –with other products and devices
• Extending the product functionality to suit specific needs
• Customisation, synchronisation and data transformation
• Invoice and PO customisation –and other document modifications
• Building specific controls and constraints
• Annual Maintenance Contracts
• On-site support –when you need someone to visit your office to fix something

The pan-India presence of our collaborative Service Partner network (referred to as Tally Integrated Network) allows distributed implementations. This is a major advantage for enterprises that extend across multiple locations. You benefit from a single, local point of contact that will coordinate your roll-out.